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Gaming, Then and Now (Part 4)

For more Comics, Articles and Videos, go to Dorkly.com!

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Visionary vintage children’s book celebrates gender equality, ethnic diversity, and space exploration with a black female astronaut two decades before that became a reality

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The Simpsons did The Hangover back in 1999. 

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…Am I happy or unhappy? It’s not a very important question. I live with such frenzied intensity.
Things and people are waiting for me, and doubtless I am waiting for them and desiring them with all my strength and sadness. But, here, I earn the right to be alive by silence and secrecy.
The miracle of not having to talk about oneself.
Albert Camus, Notebooks 1935-1942 (via purplebuddhaproject)
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Gotham Knight by Gilles Vranckx / Blog

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Diamond filled with Mountains, Trees, Nature etc.

Done by Casper Macabre at Adorned Precision Body Art

Commercial Drive - East Vancouver, BC