7th April 2014 18:48
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Mission log: Day 96. I will sing along.

7th April 2014 16:20
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Game of Thrones Prints by Joey Spiotto / Blog / Store

12.5” X 12.5” giclee prints, S/N editions of 100. Available HERE.

7th April 2014 16:13
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This is my skin. It keeps out the rain and words I’d rather not hear like ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I’m fine’ or ‘We need to talk.’

This is my skin and it’s thick. This is not your skin. Yet you are still under it.
Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via petrichour)
6th April 2014 9:37
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A few months before he died, Carl Sagan recorded a moving message which he dedicated to future explorers and settlers of Mars. 7 years later, the first succesful landing of a long-term rover to the red planet’s surface was achieved. In 2012, the Curiosity rover (its self-portrait on the image) landed on Mars and is still going.

1st April 2014 21:34
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[magician voice] and for my next trick i will literally not fucking care at all about anything

1st April 2014 21:24
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And to Think They Took Me For Granted by KINSEY

Shore Leave by Tom Bagshaw

She’s Truly Outrageous (Jem Backstage) by Natalie Fabia


Mr. Totes by Woes Martin

Whas the Matter Witcher? by Meggs

Astro Boy of 2014 by Hikari Shimoda

Rose of the Sea’s Regrettable Revenge (Sea Hag’s Aler Ego) by Richard J. Oliver

Believe by Nate Frizzell

It’s A Magical World by Joey Remmers

Part of the POP-EYECONIC art show at Corey Helford Gallery. All artwork available HERE.

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I totally forgot to post about this awesome Community meets Batman shirt yesterday! But fear not, it’s on sale in the Last Call section for another six hours.